The optimal solution
with agility

To be honest: innovative and complex projects cannot be planned reliably from start to finish. We develop software for the flexible demands of our customers and users. Requirements change or occur over time and without reacting to these changes, an unnecessary workload would result.

That is why we incorporate agile work to 100% and involve our customers directly in the project team. That is how we, together, can form the product vision, react flexibly, create transparency and ensure happy people from project start to the last "done".
How does our agile process work?

At slashwhy, the focus is always on the people, as are the users, our partners and team. For this reason, we have developed an agile process, which makes all three happy. We transform a vision into a specific product. We communicate with you and always rely on clear processes to review, question and adjust our steps. Instead of a marathon, we focus on the carefully planned releases and sprints.

Agile software development

Through our method of implementation, we quickly achieve partial results that can be tested by you and then modified based on the reviews. Changes in the market often require the development of new ideas or changed requirements, which then must be included in the further project planning. This is no problem, thanks to agile software development.

Experience our
agile mindset

Would you like to learn more about our agile methods? We would be happy to consult you on individual training options. You can also find hands-on workshops here:

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