Our way to
your success

Every project is planned by people, realized by people and used by people. We always keep this in mind when we question the requirements, brainstorm ideas and challenge each other to create even better results. That way we can be sure that everyone involved are always considered and satisfied.

slashwhy is an initiator and companion. We do not let tasks come to us. We question, analyze and actively move forward for a mutual and long-lasting success.

Our combination of know-how and know-why

Active exchange and the perfect synergy between our experts are the compass needle for our course: understand your business case and generate innovative solutions with the best possible value.

Focusing on your requirements and needs from the beginning on. Supported through Design Thinking, User Research and more methods.
We ask, analyze and reflect because it is our aspiration: to really understand the business case for your planned software solution.
We don’t think in features, but entirety: a common product vision with which we maximize the value for your business.
Together we choose the ideal technologies to develop a tailor-made solution with a cross functional team.
From a stand-alone solution to a complex IoT solution: we accompany you through implementing and testing under real conditions.
Together we create the future: Based on user feedback and with focus on your business goals we improve your solution.

Happy users are
close to our hearts

We do not only develop software. We want to solve problems with our work, explore new and innovative things. The center of all the efforts are the users. What would be helpful to them? What would surprise them and really make it easier? We develop customized and human centered software, which has noticeable impact and improves the everyday lives of the users.

Companion & Inspirer

We think ahead in the sense of our customers, leave the well-travelled path and exceed expectations.

Overall approach

We realize individual software with a profound understanding of the business case, empathy for the users and close exchange between our specialists.

Design for people

Wir haben von Anfang an den Menschen im Blick, helfen unseren Kunden dabei, deren Bedürfnisse zu verstehen und richten Software-Projekte danach aus.

Practiced agility

We live agility consistently throughout the entire company and in every project, because agile is not a buzzword for us, but a question of mindset.

Technological excellence

Our developers are "up to date" with the newest developments and thus always find the optimal tech stack for each task.

Inspired to improve

Innovation does not come by chance. We take the time and space to expand our expertise and therefore, always have the best bearings in achieving our goals.

The digital future has to be made for people. Our fantastic and motivated team wants to break new ground to achieve just this. Do you have an innovative idea?

We support talent

slashwhy is a place for collaboration. As a team, we approach the projects and ideas together. We share, we inspire and we challenge to develop ourselves and our skills. Individual strengths are a priceless resource that we encourage with cross-functional exchange and space for individual interests.

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Dr. Joachim Wilharm

Managing Director