Why slashwhy

From person to person and interface to interface. We make sure there are happy faces at every interaction.

Make people happy

It's quite simple: We want to inspire! We want to inspire with every single software solution and every human and digital interaction. Our work at slashwhy has one purpose. We make people happy. That is our DNA, and by that we mean our customers, as well as our team and the actual users who use our software.

What do we mean by Happy People?

We develop software that is made for people, used by people and in whose development people participate. All these people have very different requirements. The users want to use it to solve a task quickly and efficiently. Our customers want to generate new value. And us? We want to shape the digital future. So, who do we mean by happy people? All of us!

First comes
the Why

Generally, a company will be able to describe to you exactly what it does and how it approaches doing things. Logically. After all, that's the essence of any business, right? This What and How are important, but we ask ourselves, our team and customers first and foremost another question: Why? The Why is about the foundation of a company and the human motivation and emotion behind it. This mindset is firmly established in our organization and in our team; so strongly that we have even included it in our name: slashwhy.

Today we are already looking at the day after tomorrow for a sustainable and colorful future, where great software makes the people behind and in front of it happy.