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Your hardware can do more

Sometimes there is a demand for a better solution for your processes, even intelligent devices, as good hardware is nothing without good software. We want to maximize the potential in each and every part, electronic device and component. In order to do so, we develop embedded software, which utilize all possible potentials.

A big picture from each and every component

How well are your electronic devices using the potential of their single components? Our experts for embedded software will explore this question and optimize the processes, which are normally unseen. Based on our shared product vision, we can develop new performance features into your ecosystem.

Turning embedded software into service providers

In the field of embedded software, we develop powerful software solutions to ensure that invisible components provide visible performance. In addition to the actual software development, we evaluate our progress through regular testing and measurement in our electronics laboratory.

Our methods and technologies for embedded software in the area:

Operating systems
Protocols & Standards

Embedded operating systems


Embedded Linux


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