Internet of Things & Cloud Systems

Internet of Things &
Cloud Systems

The future belongs to digitalization

We already see the added value for your company in future technologies today. Starting with data storage, industrial communication and artificial intelligence - Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud systems offer unexpected potential for the industry.

The future belongs to digitalizationThe future belongs to digitalization

Digital networking taken a step further

We will work out your product vision and objectives together in a workshop and implement them in close cooperation with the latest technology and with an eye on trends. You will receive regular updates on development progress. Thanks to Internet of Things and cloud systems, we generate added value by connecting different systems and components.

Digital networking taken a step furtherDigital networking taken a step further

Connecting to intelligent systems

Whether sensor data, CAD programming or virtual control of plants - all strings come together in the cloud. The communication of internet-capable end-devices and system components creates smart solutions. The result: efficient workflows, flexibility, resource conservation and new uses for transferred and secured data.

An example from agriculture: data transfer despite greater physical distance? Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) enables decentralized condition monitoring. Information on temperature, pressure or humidity, for example, ensures optimized harvest processes in fields and greenhouses.

Connecting to intelligent systems

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