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From machine engineer to digitization partner

Coming from the field of weighing technology, Höfelmeyer develops individual solutions in custom machine engineering for quality management in the food production industry. With every customer project, Höfelmeyer is faced with the complex challenge of synchronizing the automated control of different hardware components - some of which are third-party devices - and implementing a connection to the customer's existing production and software landscape. In the past, this was time-consuming and costly. Despite the high effort involved, media disruptions could often not be avoided. Additionally, the existing software base was technologically outdated and not particularly user-friendly.

The vision of IRIS evolves

In 2019, the vision of a digital solution was born, which allows simple but flexible networking and precise alignment of the machines, as well as interfaces to third-party systems, for example the customer's ERP system.

Responding to individual customer requirements with modularity

At the start of the project, the product vision was defined in a joint workshop with the help of user story mapping. Right from the start, IRIS was designed as a web-based, modular IIoT platform, which includes a large number of different applications and with which individual customer requirements can be implemented easily and quickly. For this purpose, standardized interfaces were created for the integration of third-party hardware (device management) and the connection of third-party software.

A global IIoT solution for the food industry

With the help of IRIS, a company can map the entire production cycle: from the creation of articles, inspection specifications, scales and production lines, as well as production orders to the execution of production orders, inspections and subsequent evaluation of inspection results. Furthermore, recipes can be modified flexibly thanks to the intuitive user interface.

Analyze and optimize processes with IRIS

In addition, IRIS also allows centralized data management: the digital networking of all components means that data from a wide range of scales and other quality parameters can be recorded, combined and evaluated in real time. In this way, areas of improvement in the production process can be easily identified, for example with regard to productivity or the use of raw materials. As a hybrid software solution, IRIS can be operated by the customer on-premise or in the cloud and scaled flexibly thanks to the license management system. Furthermore, IRIS offers convenient user management.

Momentum for agile transformation

With the support from the Agile Coaches at slashwhy, Scrum was introduced and established as a development method at Höfelmeyer in the course of the project. The project team uses Azure DevOps to organize their tasks. An iterative approach and regular user tests are now fixed components of the development process, and agile methods and ways of thinking have also found their way into other areas of the company.

Achievements & Outcome

  • With the help of IRIS, complex production processes can be easily controlled, monitored, analyzed and optimized.
  • The time-to-market and the costs for the development of individual solutions in custom machine engineering could be significantly reduced.
  • Höfelmeyer has a unique position in the market and was able to expand its customer base, while using the powerful and futuristic IIoT platform, IRIS.
  • In addition to its previous core competence in weighing technology, Höfelmeyer was able to successfully position itself as a software provider and digitalization partner for the food industry and expand its own business model to secure its future.
Ralf Schulz
CFO at Höfelmeyer
„Scrum or even other agile management methods that we learned about with the development of IRIS were completely new experiences for us. These are now applied even as far as to strategy development.”
Ralf SchulzCFO at Höfelmeyer
Viktor Rempe
Technical Leader at Höfelmeyer
„IRIS is the biggest development project that we have ever done at Höfelmeyer.”
Viktor RempeTechnical Leader at Höfelmeyer
Jonas Häntzschel
Product Owner at Höfelmeyer
„I am enthusiastic about the daily cooperation with the team from slashwhy, which works vigorously. Also it is great that we get the possibility to help our customers to get better, more efficiently and more sustainably within their production.”
Jonas HäntzschelProduct Owner at Höfelmeyer
Ralf Schulz
CFO at Höfelmeyer
„Thanks to the modularity of IRIS we can be much more precise with fulfilling our customers individual wishes.”
Ralf SchulzCFO at Höfelmeyer
Viktor Rempe
Technical Leader at Höfelmeyer
„Thanks to IRIS I can save money as a customer of Höfelmeyer: by reducing the loss of raw materials, by making processes easier because I digitize them and save time, but also because I get final evaluations from the software.”
Viktor RempeTechnical Leader at Höfelmeyer
Jonas Häntzschel
Product Owner at Höfelmeyer
„There is no comparable product on the market with this range of possibilities that we cover with IRIS.”
Jonas HäntzschelProduct Owner at Höfelmeyer

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