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An intuitive and compatible app for industry controlscopied!

Hörmann is Europe's leading supplier of doors, gates, shutters and operators. A new generation of industrial control was to be created for the industrial sector at Hörmann. The goal was to develop an app that enables commissioning and maintenance via mobile devices and is also compatible with all smartphones.


An efficient and simplified setup for service technicians

Previously, the work was done manually via a control console directly at the gate. This was time-consuming and complex for the in-house and field service technicians. The mobile app was designed to simplify the work of the service technicians and make it more efficient.

User-centric development through field testscopied!

Field tests were conducted at the beginning of the project to better understand how service technicians work and what requirements they have for a mobile app. In this way, direct feedback from the users could be gathered and with the help of UX design, the development could be implemented in a user-centric way. Through user story mapping with an Agile Coach from slashwhy, the product vision could be defined in more detail.


Synchronization of hardware and software developmentcopied!

Service technicians are supported in setting up the door operators with the help of the new features, such as templates for service and maintenance work, thus reducing the amount of work involved. A clear user interface should make handling of the system intuitive. The synchronization of hardware and software development was the greatest challenge.


Technical structure and functions of the appcopied!

A mobile app for the service technicians was developed on the basis of Xamarin. With the help of Bluetooth Low Energy, compatibility for all smartphones was achieved. Reusable templates allow a fast and efficient configuration of the gates. Additionally, the app offers statistics, error reports and export options so that the information can also be made available to other users. A Roles and Rights concept regulates the access options. The further development and maintenance of the app is supported by a maintenance contract.


Achievements & Outcome

  • With the new BlueControl app, it has been possible to reduce the manual effort and complexity involved in assigning and maintaining the gates for the service technicians.
  • This is not only a gain in convenience, but also an increase in efficiency and significantly time saving.
  • An additional added value is that the agile methods applied have also been established in the development at Hörmann.
  • A significant increase of acceptance and satisfaction from the users, due to the consistent and intuitive UI and high user-centric approach of the app.
Tobias Lange
Project Manager at Hörmann
„We can save a successful operation within the application and reuse the template to install the same doors espacially with large construction projects. This is clearly a benefit and a huge value of the app.”
Tobias LangeProject Manager at Hörmann
Tobias Lange
Project Manager at Hörmann
„slashwhy surpassed the expactations of a service provider. The colleagues in the project were always thinking along and have a high commitment within the project. The high user-centricity offers an easy usage for our engineers - that's what excites me the most about the solution.”
Tobias LangeProject Manager at Hörmann
Tobias Lange
Project Manager at Hörmann
„Because of the agile project with slashwhy, the guidlines for project management at Hörmann were extended that we not only have the classic phase plan, but also use hybrid and agile approches now.”
Tobias LangeProject Manager at Hörmann
Tobias Lange
Project Manager at Hörmann
„Through the joint user story mapping with an Agile Coach from slashwhy we sharpened the product vision and wrote down and sorted all requirements and workflows of the application together. Then there was a valuation of the project size. So the offer was predicted very well.”
Tobias LangeProject Manager at Hörmann

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