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We like progress. New methods, new technologies, in short: We want to provide a new mindset to face the complex requirements of everyday life. We are confident in our tools and processes and our goal is to pass on our knowledge. Our seminar participants are eager to try things on their own and we just have to give them the right tools.


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Our seminars are hands-on. We don't just tell you what you might want to do in the future, but rather link our methods directly to actions. Together, interactively and practically, we translate theory into actual practice and share our expertise in the process.


Our seminars

Design Thinking

Professional Scrum Master

Professional Product Owner

Scrum in a kitchen

Scrum Lego City

Remote Scrum Onboarding

Why Agile

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Our website explains who we are, but why not discover it for yourself: Contact our team directly with your project ideas and questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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