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  • UX/UI (Design Sprint)
  • Application Development (Web)


  • .NET EF Core
  • Angular (responsive)

Individually configured machines

With over 150 machine types, GRIMME, as the international market leader for potato, beet and vegetable technology, not only has a particularly broad product range, but also additionally offers numerous configuration options. This means that every machine is different and is built specifically for the individual customer. This leads to a high level of complexity and effort in processing customer inquiries.

Complexity in request management

To manage the inquiries, a complex Excel tool was used that grew year by year with the addition of new data sets and functionalities - but at the expense of performance and usability. Moreover, the Excel solution could no longer be further developed and maintained after a certain point. As a result, it needed to be replaced by a more modern, mobile-ready and high-performance web application with the aim of processing customer inquiries faster and more efficiently.

From Design Sprint to Product Visioncopied!

slashwhy was chosen as an agile development partner with expertise in the agricultural sector. The project started with a design sprint, in which wishes and requirements were determined in a cross-functional team, a first prototype was developed and user tests were carried out. It became clear what strategic importance inquiry management holds - for example in terms of customer satisfaction and controlling - and that the product vision goes well beyond simply replacing the previous Excel solution.


Expectations clearly exceeded

Based on the technology stack requested by GRIMME, slashwhy developed a web-based, responsive and above all user-friendly application. In addition to the basic functions such as recording, calculating, processing and researching requests, the new tool offers several additional functions. These include personalized dashboards, automatic profitability analyses, evaluations for controlling, and workflows to support collaboration.

Achievements & Outcome

  • The processing of inquiries has been significantly accelerated, improving customer satisfaction and reducing internal transaction costs.
  • Profitability analysis and reporting enable better decisions and provide important data for strategic planning.
  • Make people happy: Thanks to better performance, usability and support for internal collaboration, employee satisfaction was increased - with around 150 users in the pilot phase alone.
  • The expectations of the users were clearly exceeded: The feedback from the test persons in the user tests was 100% positive.
  • An additional benefit: The increase in efficiency and improved transparency have had an overall positive impact on the speed of innovation.
Kim-Nadine Meyer
PO & IT Business Partner at GRIMME
„As individual and customer-oriented as our company is in the field of agricultural machinery technology, we have come to know slashwhy as individual and user-centered in the field of software development.”
Kim-Nadine MeyerPO & IT Business Partner at GRIMME
Dennis Herzog
Team Leader IT Development at GRIMME
„We selected slashwhy, because we were able to hand over the project completely and were sure that the solution would be developed with us in mind.”
Dennis HerzogTeam Leader IT Development at GRIMME
Stefan Speer
Head of IT at GRIMME
„The fact that our working methods matched and that slashwhy brought expertise in the agricultural sector enabled a quick project start.”
Stefan SpeerHead of IT at GRIMME
Dennis Herzog
Team Leader IT Development at GRIMME
„Wir haben viel von slashwhy gelernt, gerade im Hinblick auf automatisiertes Testen, und haben das Wissen auch in andere Software-Projekte übernommen.”
Dennis HerzogTeam Leader IT Development at GRIMME
Kim-Nadine Meyer
PO & IT Business Partner at GRIMME
„We learned a lot of new methods in the Design Sprint. It was totally helpful for me as PO to get so much input, especially at the beginning of the project. It made decision-making a lot easier for me.”
Kim-Nadine MeyerPO & IT Business Partner at GRIMME
Dennis Herzog
Team Leader IT Development at GRIMME
„From the beginning, slashwhy communicated honestly and transparently about what was possible under the time and budget constraints.”
Dennis Herzog Team Leader IT Development at GRIMME

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