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  • Mobile App Development
  • User Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Cloud
  • Agile Coaching


  • Xamarin.Native
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Infrastructure as Code / IaC (Terraform)

As the market leader, also digitally number 1

OASE offers innovative products and systems for creative design with water in gardens, interior design and public areas. As one of the most successful global suppliers with the largest portfolio for water design in the industry, OASE focused early on the digitalization of its own products and their control via a mobile app.

Demanding target groups & increasing requirements

With an increasing networking of portfolios, all three areas were to be combined in one app and at the same time be enhanced with new features in order to be able to meet the demanding target groups in the aquatic gardening, aquaristics and terraristics segments in a state-of-the-art approach.

Modern technology & sophisticated UX/UI

After an initial development phase, it became clear that a higher level of complexity would be achieved with the integration of the new products. At the same time, the app was to become easier and more convenient for users to use. Hence, both frontend and backend were modernized from the scratch based on Xamarin Native. User research and UX/UI design played an increasingly important role in the course of the project. User experience and design were optimized and standardized.

Flexibility thanks to cloud & networking

OASE products were successively integrated into the app. Whether pumps, filter technology, lighting or an entire terrarium - various devices can be connected and synchronized via the app in order to intelligently control and monitor living spaces and to design complex scenarios. Using Microsoft Azure, the cloud connection enables OASE customers to control and monitor their devices and systems while on the move. In parallel to the project and with support from slashwhy's Agile Coaches, the agile Scrum approach at OASE was gradually optimized.

Achievements & Outcome

  • With the new app, complete living spaces can be intelligently controlled by networking a wide variety of products - even while on the move.
  • Thanks to an intuitively operable and consistent UI, a positive user experience is created, which lives up to the premium claim of the OASE brand.
  • OASE can successfully maintain its own cutting-edge role in the market, especially due to the mobile app.
  • The planning reliability for new releases could be optimized and development cycles could be shortened.
Oliver Kortekamp
Team Leader & Product Owner at OASE
„We are the innovative and reliable market leader in our industries. Controlling our products with the app and creating a whole new user experience is a great challenge for the team and is also a lot of fun.”
Oliver KortekampTeam Leader & Product Owner at OASE
Oliver Kortekamp
Team Leader & Product Owner at OASE
„It is very important for us to have an intuitive operation using a modern UI. Our customers should not be annoyed with the technologie, they should have fun with the products and the application.”
Oliver KortekampTeam Leader & Product Owner at OASE
Oliver Kortekamp
Team Leader & Product Owner at OASE
„I never thought that a mixed team with internal and external employees would work together so well that it feels like everyone works for the same company.”
Oliver KortekampTeam Leader & Product Owner at OASE
Oliver Kortekamp
Team Leader & Product Owner at OASE
„We want to be a pioneer with the application. That's what OASE stands for: the number one brand with high demands. We always keep this goal in focus.”
Oliver KortekampTeam Leader & Product Owner at OASE

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